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Cutting boards are a simple yet essential part of every kitchen. At Behrens Boards we aspire to create a piece of work that is at the crossroads of functionality and aesthetics. By showcasing the woods' natural, unique grain, each board serves as a reminder of the simple, yet inspiring beauty that surrounds us everyday. Clean, yet thoughtfully designed boards will find a place within your home for years to come. Dedicated to change, our products' empower you to make a positive impact that's felt now and for generations to come through the planting of 10 trees.


25,000 trees
planted and counting...

Trees provide the most sustainable resource found on Earth, wood. The carbon footprint when working with this renewable material is drastically lower than others such as plastic, concrete, and steel. Behrens Boards takes pride in working with wood and understands how critical it is to sustainably harvest our forests. While we ensure all the wood we use is sourced from sawmills that practice certified sustainable forestry, destructive farming techniques are being used around the globe everyday. To help combat this issue, Behrens Boards has partnered with Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to ending extreme hunger and poverty across Sub-Saharan Africa by revitalizing degraded land through a revolutionary tree planting program.


Plant Trees. Change Lives.




As brothers having grown up in Northampton, MA, Kory and Nick have been surrounded by a creative community that understands the value of a local, handmade good and what it represents. With a family rooted in woodworking, the brothers had always been surrounded by a think-it, build-it mindset. Kory took this exposure and combined it with his passion for cooking and began making one of a kind cutting boards that became well received gifts. When Nick graduated college in 2015, he was well aware of his brother's promising craft and decided to put a hold on a more traditional job to pursue his entrepreneurial fire. This lead to the creation of Behrens Boards.