Warm Colors Apiary

Bonita and Dan Conlon are the owners and operators of Warm Colors Apiary located in South Deerfield, MA. Their work involves raising honeybees to produce the finest regional honey from the fields and forests of Western Massachusetts. In addition to making specialty honeys, they also make pure beeswax candles, offer educational programs and beekeeping supplies. A vital part of their mission is to promote the art of beekeeping and teach the importance of the honeybee to our food supply. All while practicing farming methods that protect and sustain the land by eliminating sources of contamination in their apiary management system.

As we began developing our board conditioner, the main aim was to use natural ingredients to create a formula that would protect our boards for years. After learning about how beeswax acts as a natural waterproof sealant, we knew it would work great as a core ingredient in our board conditioner. We're thrilled to work with Warm Colors Apiary as a local source for beeswax, as Bonita and Dan's values in doing business and supporting the community align with our own.