Cutting boards are a simple yet essential part of every kitchen. As brothers having grown up in Northampton, MA, we have been surrounded by a creative community that understands the value of a local, handmade good and what it represents. With our exposure to woodworking that runs deep in our family combined with a passion for cooking, Behrens Boards was formed as an outlet to express these influences. Our attempt is not to reinvent the wheel, but rather create a piece of work for your kitchen that is at the crossroads of functionality and aesthetics. Our line of inspired wooden boards will add the unique touch that a handcrafted item embodies. At the same time, the importance of giving back transcends the items we make. With that in mind we work closely with Trees for the Future, an organization whose goal is to change lives by planting trees. In order to achieve our vision, the work we do and the impact it has is paramount to us.